How is Artificial Intelligence Empowering Marketing for Small Businesses?

Shlomi Sharabi, Founder & CEO of Winky

What is Artificial Intelligence? Are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning the same thing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines. It is a technology that permits computers or robots to think and learn like humans.

Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of AI. It enables software applications to predict accurate future business needs without being explicitly programmed based on large sets of historical data.

One of the most significant benefits of AI is that the more you use it, the better it gets.

Why Small Business Owners Need To Be Aware Of AI In Marketing

Small businesses have always faced tough challenges with limited advertising budgets. On the flip side, the competition for small businesses has never been more intense. If we take the example of Amazon, it is no news that it wants to own everything from grocery delivery to household goods and pharmaceuticals.

It is a matter of time for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to be pushed out by these corporates. It is, thus, evident that the stakes could not be any higher for SMBs to retain their customers and grow. This is where AI, along with its affordable tools, can level the marketing playing field.

SMBs always try to get the most out of their marketing efforts. There are various goals that they want to achieve, like reaching new audiences, generating sales, more brand awareness, etc. There may not always be enough budget to work on all these goals simultaneously.

AI enables businesses to create highly personalized content by leveraging customer behavior, resulting in better understanding and engagement of customers. AI also knows about what your target audience has been searching for and where they have been.

It makes marketing affordable, streamlines buyer experiences, and offers seamless customer service while taking the “see if it works” factor out of the quotient. AI’s real-time competitive analysis and other insights make the best recommendations that make a difference for SMBs.

There is undoubtedly a learning curve that you need to go through. But affordable and easy-to-use AI tools can boost your business when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Understanding Role Of AI In Marketing

While nobody can beat us when it comes to one-on-one communication, we cannot claim the same when tailoring messages for thousands of people.

It is a tedious process that starts with collecting contextual data, analyzing it, and creating effective communication that would resonate with each one. This is not a limitation for AI. In fact, the more the data available, the more accurate their insights are.

AI technology uses data to examine the traffic and ad performance to offer recommendations that add more value to your current marketing strategies. AI can be trained to understand your customer’s behavior, habits, preference, and beliefs to offer a more personalized experience to them. You can personalize messages for a group or even your customers. There are no limits to what sophisticated machining can do for your business.

Here is a look at some areas of digital marketing where AI solutions have already proved their mettle.

Email Marketing

AI can help you answer the most puzzling questions for your email marketing strategy. Some of those are determining the best content based on a customer segment, which time of the day or day of the week should you send the email, how many times in a month should you communicate — again, AI makes available data for individuals as well as groups.

Aside from these, AI also offers more innovative results like applying mathematical certainty to words and offering catchy subject lines.

Social Media Marketing

AI is already extensively being used on social media platforms. The Artificial Intelligence algorithm learns from your browsing history, recommends products and services, and makes suitable predictions.

Imagine leveraging the power of AI on social media for your business. Setting up a business profile and posting, having shops, building customer relationships, and creating ads will target your relevant audience, resulting in leads and sales.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has proved essential in boosting traffic to websites and assisting customers and buyers in their journey. It is, however, not easy to create optimal content each time. You can now invest in natural language generation platforms that produce quality and engaging articles. They can understand your context, find related content, and recreate original writing that’s verified for readability.

The Future Of Marketing Is AI

AI truly has the power of transforming how SMBs approach marketing. Adopting these marketing AI platforms early is sure to give you a competitive edge over others by precisely forecasting future trends and consumer behavior. It is impossible to resist the potential ROI that your business can get from AI.

It’s essential to find the right tools for your business — I recommend — artificial intelligence that functions as the best marketer for SMBs. But at the same time, I understand that for many people, the application of any new idea in business can undoubtedly be scary, but you can always rely on experienced marketing experts who will rob you of many resources — for this, I share you in my email to answer any marketing question you may have

Did I mention it’s easy, cheap, and will take your business years ahead of your competitors!

Feel free to share with me your challenges and concerns in your marketing processes.




People First. Passionate about Innovations, Web3, Marketing and disrupting industries. Founder of WEB3M, Winky. Disrupting the Marketing industry as we know it.

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Shlomo Sharabi

People First. Passionate about Innovations, Web3, Marketing and disrupting industries. Founder of WEB3M, Winky. Disrupting the Marketing industry as we know it.