Web 3.0 Marketing — The Marketing Revolution And Its Impact — Part 2

Shlomi Sharabi, Founder & CEO of Winky

Technology has had a massive effect on the way people do business. When we look at marketing specifically, there have been three waves of technological advancement during this time: Web 2.0, Social Media, and now Web 3.0

The Role of Blockchain on Web 3.0 Marketing

blockchain is a rapidly growing technology that is continuing to transform the way we live. In fact, many believe it will be as revolutionary as the creation of the internet itself.

With blockchain technology comes a whole new set of questions and challenges for marketers, so it’s important to understand what exactly it is, what are its benefits and how can you leverage this incredible opportunity in your business.


Blockchain technology is about getting rid of the centralized systems and creating an open ecosystem that would reinvent the digital marketing industry. Data security and data decentralization will be provided for Web 3.0 with blockchain technology.

It is a technology for recording and verifying transactions that can be applied to practically anything requiring trust — from money to real estate to medical records. As a result, blockchain has the potential to revolutionize marketing as we know it today.

Therefore, it is fair to say that the role of blockchain in web 3.0 marketing is helping to make it more efficient and transparent.

Furthermore, the decentralized nature of blockchain technology can help make Web 3.0 marketing more transparent and is virtually tamper-proof.

How To Prepare Your Brand For Web 3.0 Marketing

There is going to be a marketing revolution.

We already see the signs and initiatives of it. — Remember, Facebook changed its name to Meta, and they are investing in the Metaverse. Also, recently, Square changed its name to Block to focus on crypto. -

Web 3.0 is the next evolution of the web in which website content and users are interconnected through seamless interfaces and communication channels.

How will your business be affected by the Web 3.0 wave? (Bonus point)

  • Businesses would be highly user-centric and transparent due to their decentralized structure.
  • Users would be able to take control of their data and privacy.
  • Business owners would have to adapt blockchain technologies to ensure data transparency and open access.

Find ways to follow the Web 3.0 Trends:

You can’t afford to be outdated these days. You have to make your business decisions carefully, keeping in mind that the future is here and continuously renewing.

Based on your industry, try to acquire 3D assets.- If you have a retail eCommerce business, try to create 3D models or virtual reality stores.

Content Creation — Add NFTs:

You are focusing on content creation highly as a marketer- keep doing it!

As of today, there is no particular handbook for this new era of marketing. Yet, we know NFTs would be important content for the digital marketing industry in the future since it has already started to be!

There is a massive community for NFTs ( such as CryptoPunks) already, and you may not miss the chance of including your brand in it. All of these might be a little intimidating to you- I know. But, think of that as a new way of connecting with your customers and communities.

Web 3.0 And Social Media

Social Media has been a phenomenon since its inception and is continuing to grow. Facebook and YouTube are on the top of the list in terms of their popularity among users.

They have revolutionized how people communicate online and have introduced many new features to improve user experience.

Web 3.0 brings exciting changes in social media marketing. For example, there would be decentralized apps called dApps, and there would be no centralized authority of the users’ data due to the decentralized structure of Web 3.0 — users would pull in the reins!

Web 3 marketing is about building meaningful relationships with your customers and creating partnerships that benefit everyone involved. It’s time for businesses to stop thinking of customers as a number in a database, but instead, people looking for the same thing you are.

We hope our insights have been helpful today; please share this article with others and leave a comment if you have any questions! :)

In the next article, we will deal with Ultimate Guide To The Future Of Marketing On The Metaverse


Shlomi Sharabi



People First. Passionate about Innovations, Web3, Marketing and disrupting industries. Founder of WEB3M, Winky. Disrupting the Marketing industry as we know it.

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Shlomo Sharabi

People First. Passionate about Innovations, Web3, Marketing and disrupting industries. Founder of WEB3M, Winky. Disrupting the Marketing industry as we know it.